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Casa means "house" in Italian.  


This perfectly describes this space that is designed like a small house for children who are encouraged to be resourceful, respectful and responsible.




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  1. Mathematics. Montessori math materials provide children math with hands-on, visual, and physical learning aids. These math materials provide students with concrete knowledge to the often abstract concepts. As children progress and a gain a deeper knowledge of the math concepts through by using the Montessori math materials, the materials become more abstract.

  2. Language Arts. Montessori language materials are designed to teach children the intricacies of written and spoken language. Students use language materials to explore letters sounds, handwriting, and eventually reading, spelling and writing.

  3. Practical Life. Practical life in Montessori is purposeful activity, develops motor control, coordination, independence, concentration, and a sense of responsibility. The children refine these area by learning everyday life skills, including plant care, food work, and care of the environment.

  4. Sensorial. Through sight, smell, sound, taste, and touch the sensorial materials enable children to engage deeper in the world around them. The sensorial materials enable a child to explore materials by size, shape, color, sound, similarities, and differences all using their senses.

  5. Cultural. Cultural studies includes the study of geography, history, and science. The cultural subjects give the child an understanding of our world and brings the world into the classroom.

  6. Fine Arts. Children are provided rich opportunities to experience music, dance, literature, and art. Hands-on involvement in fine arts helps children experience and find meaningful expression.

  7. Faith. There are special areas for our faith materials called “The Atrium.” The spiritual environment that is carefully set up and prepared for the children to proclaim the message of Jesus, teach the lessons Jesus taught, and focus on the Word and worship. Each of our classrooms houses an altar, religious work, and biblical lessons through which the children can express their faith in Christ.

A day in CASA ...

Children preschool through kindergarten are invited to work with the Montessori curriculum in a Christian context. Trained teachers give engaging lessons on a daily basis to help children grow in independence and abilities.

Mornings in the Casa involve an uninterrupted work time where children move freely from one presentation to another. After they will eat lunch where grace and manners are emphasized. Then, they will have a quiet siesta where stories will be read to them. Afternoons are spent in the outdoor environment or our indoor play space. Older children will receive enrichment lessons in language and mathematics learning extensions of the kinesthetic materials. This enables the child to enjoy and explore the world, completely understand various operations which result in math and language concepts being easily attainable.

Casa Resources

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