and Going

Our daily life has a rhythm and routine. Safety and security for the children is the highest of priorities. Parents can come and go as their daily schedule allows with keyless entry and a warm reception. Children begin their day doing as much for themselves as they are able and are encouraged to participate in the process of "getting ready." Our daily schedule will include warm welcome; a sunrise breakfast club; three-hour work/play schedule in the morning; lunch and siesta; outdoor or indoor play; afterschool activities; and peaceful departure.  


and Resting

Our eating together is a tasty and joyous occasion. We value quality breakfast foods, like granola and hard boiled eggs, to our organic snacks, like chips and salsa, or our homemade pasta and mini-meatballs. Children participate in mealtimes, by helping set and clear the tables, adding flowers as centerpieces, and setting out the family style bowls. Children will be served two snacks and one lunch daily.

Our resting times are based on individual needs, and in principle, we encourage children to eat when hungry and sleep when tired and help them advocate for their own needs.

Working and Playing

Our work and play go hand-in-hand seamlessly, as for children, there is no difference.  We strive to exceed all DHS, accreditation, and state standards by adhering to the motto - "only the best for the smallest." Montessori materials are presented in a systematic way by trained teacher guides. These materials showcase practical life, sensorial, language, mathematics, and cultural concepts. There are also special activities for music, art, physical education, outdoor exploration, and faith foundations. Additional activities are offered for enrichment in our year-round program.

Singing and Moving

One special feature of our childcare program is the daily interactions we will have with elders.  Empathy development and respect for the aging is a beautiful benefit for our children. Our times of interaction are centered around our music and movement times - singing and moving.  We will share songs and stories about Jesus around the piano followed by an art response.  We will also have daily games with balloons and yarn balls, gardening and plant care, dancing and exercising that is healthy and helpful for all humans - regardless of age!

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