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"CREO" means to create an original.

This perfectly describes the adolescent age, where they are establishing their identity in Christ.

Image by Joel & Jasmin Førestbird


"Montessori is an education for independence, preparing not just for school, but for life."

Dr. Maria Montessori

Hand In Hand offers a unique opportunity for adolescents to continue their learning journey through a Christian Montessori approach in CREO, our 7th – 9th grade program.


In CREO the Montessori pedagogical principles are applied within the context of the important developmental planes of early and late adolescence. The development of a whole healthy self, including the mind, body and soul is prioritized. We continue to partner closely with families as the adolescent takes a more prominent role in their growth and social development.


CREO High is committed to integrating education across the major disciplines, classical subjects and practical life skills. For adolescent education, we see the transformative work of the gospel of Jesus as central to establishing a life of continued learning, growth and social transformation.

3-Day & 4-Day

Homeschool Program





Our homeschool program is for families that also want deep engagement from teachers who are passionate about their discipline and a positive social learning environment.

Third Plane of Development

During the adolescent years they are in the third plane of developmental period.  During this period they are developing their own identity in Christ and discovering who God wants them to be as an individual.  They are observing the world around them and seeking their role in the community.  They begin modeling their worldview on the adults and values around them, including teachers, parents, and  most importantly Christ.

During this stage of development our students:

  • Are learning advanced communication skills

  • Are developing a more deeping their understanding of social interactions

  • Crave creative and physical outlets

  • Crave personal space, but they are also highly social

  • Still need to move on a regular basis, and thrive on being physically engaged in rewarding work 

  • Need to understand the economic systems of our world and have a sense of what earning and spending money really means

"​It is the education of adolescents that is important, because adolescence is the time when the child enters in the state of adulthood and becomes a member of society.”
Maria Montessori

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