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Our Hopes

Next to Impossible

For many children today, education is a dark and lifeless desk–homework–test cycle of boredom. It’s different for our students because we educate in a way that works. For over 20 years, Hand In Hand has been changing the lives of children and families through our unique model of Christian Montessori education. Our individual, innovative, and inspirational education needs to reach more children in a restored building for our permanent headquarter campus. We are looking for people who believe God works in extraordinary ways — people who are passionate about joining God in His work — people who can help our school continue its important call of advancing the Kingdom of God.

Our non-profit organization is engaged in a #NEXTTOIMPOSSIBLE campaign, raising over 5 million for our campus' and launching partner-mission schools worldwide.  The need is urgent because the students we serve need a space to become everything God has created them to be! Children around the world are hoping to have an educational experience that is full of life, love and learning. More children need education that is re-imagined. Won't you join us in making their hopes and dreams a reality?

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